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How Beyond Debt can help

We can help with your personal debt ranging from $8000 to over $200,000.

  • We can legally change the repayment and conditions of your debts to match your current situation
  • We manage all your debts on your behalf.
  • One regular repayment, no stress, and get on with your life.



How to get your debts sorted with Beyond Debt?

  • Apply over the phone or online. A consultant can assess your eligibility in 5 minutes!
  • Verify your Income and Expenses. One of our friendly staff will contact you to verify your income and expenses and assess our best fit solution for you.
  • Get your documents Instantly. We still need your signature to make it all official.
  • Creditor Contact Stops We notify all your creditors that we are your authorised representative.
  • All the calls will go to us.
  • Your contracts are legally modified.
  • All calls, interest, and any principle that is unaffordable is written off (N.B. – provided that you finish the agreement)


5 years ago my financial situation was terrible! I was very stressed from all the debt collectors’ calls and mail. I was earning enough money to pay my debts but just kept sinking. Until one day, while watching TV, I saw the Beyond Debt commercial which gave me hope. So I called immediately. I discussed my situation, completed an application form, then I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel I’d been stuck in for so long, Beyond Debt gave me my life back by taking my debts on board and all they asked in return was that I stay committed. So I did and 5 years later, I finally finished my debt and have my life back including my full pay! Thank you Beyond Debt for all your help, understanding and AMAZING customer service.

Thank you, if this helps even one person to become debt free it’s worth it. My problem was as I have always been working in banks and Financial Companies it was really easy to apply for all those loans and cards. I came near to losing my house , learned my lesson in a hard way. Thankfully I find about you, Thank you so much for all your help and advises, I am eternally grateful.

Are you struggling with debt?

We help with personal debt ranging from $8000 to over $200,000.

  • We do all the negotiations with creditors
  • Stop legal action and debt collector calls
  • One easy to manage, affordable payment
  • We manage all your debts on your behalf.
  • Give you a definite date you'll be debt free

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  • About Beyond Debt

    It’s our opinion that consumer debt is a large problem. While it may improve your quality of life in the short term it decreases it in the long term. Consumer debt allows you to mortgage your future for consumption today. Debt has become normal and while most of the people we deal with want to be debt free, they just don’t see how that could be possible. Beyond Debt was started in order help people reach that goal.

    At Beyond Debt we don’t believe that another loan is not the solution. Many of our clients have consolidated their debts before, some multiple times. They consolidate their debts and then something comes up, out come the credit cards (which should have been closed) and they’re deeper in the hole then they were before they consolidated. Sometimes they’ve used up all the equity in their homes, or have accessed their super before they contact us.
    If you are comfortably making payments on your debts Beyond Debt is probably not for you. If however you’re behind with your repayments, struggling to make them, or getting calls from debt collectors, we can help. Beyond Debt is a division of DCS Group, Australia second largest Debt Agreement Administrator. We can provide you with one regular, reduced repayment based on what you can afford. The interest is frozen for the life of the agreement. There are consequences however, for more information look at our debt agreement page.

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    Beyond Debt operates Nation Wide