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Samantha - Debt Free and Life Turned Around

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How long will the housing boom go on for?

The COVID-19 period in Australia has been defined by incredible increases in housing prices. Sydney .....

Is Inflation Bad News For Those With Debt?

Inflation in America has hit a 40 year high of 6.2%, and in the UK it has hit a 10 year high of 5.1%.....

22 Financial Hacks for 2022

Get out of your car loan. In no time in history have used cars ever gone up in value. A lot of our c.....

Debt Free Interview - Leanne

Can you tell us a little about yourself?  

How to Save Money on Back-To-School Expenses

First of all, empty your kid’s lunch boxes right now. You don't want to get to January and realise t.....

5 Tips to Achieve your New Year’s Financial Resolutions

New year, new you, same pang in the gut whenever you look at your bank statements. If you’re startin.....

A Beginners Guide to Reducing your Holiday Food Spending

Christmas and holiday food can be a sink for a lot of hard earned money – chocolate coated almonds a.....

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