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Combines Your Debts into one Affordable Payment

Informal Agreements

  • Less impact on your credit history
  • We manage everything for you.
  • Interest stopped.
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How would an Informal Agreement benefit you?

no default notations

Reduced impact on your credit history

The hardship arrangement will appear for 12 months on your credit history and your payment history will appear for 24 months.

Freeze Interest Rate Colour

Stop interest and fees

Your interest and fees can usually be stopped. This means you can start repaying your debt, not just interest and fees.

Take the first step to free yourself from debt

With a decade and a half of experience in the industry we’ll help you on the path to a debt free future, in just 5 steps.

debt consolidation is an option

Pay just ONE easy repayment

Your payment plan is based on what YOU can afford. Making sure you can still live and enjoy your life, whilst becoming debt free.

Keep Your Assets-1

Get a rental property or insurance

Rental agencies and insurance companies will often not approve applications when you have been in an insolvency arrangement. With an Informal Agreement, you can confidently answer this question with a "NO."

Effect on your job

Effect on your job and employment contracts

Informal agreements do not affect your employment. If you are asked if you’re in an insolvency agreement or have ever been,  you can confidently say "NO."

Stop debt collector calls Colour

Stop debt collector calls

No more worrying each time your phone rings. Your creditors will have to call us, instead of you.


What is an Informal Agreement?

An Informal Agreement is an agreement with your creditors that will help you overcome your debt struggle.

  • Without the severe consequences of formal agreements, like Debt Agreements and Personal Insolvency Agreements and of course, Bankruptcy itself.

  • Without the long-lasting impact on your Credit Report.

  • Without any effect on your employment.

Beyond Fantastic Results for Our Clients

These are snippets from a client's ACTUAL credit report after engaging in a Beyond Debt Informal Agreement.


Client 5 - Before


Client 5 - After
Get Results Like This

Example of a Informal Agreement client

Chris’s expected repayments to his 5 creditors, before his Informal Agreement, totalled $1,605 per month - this amount was not affordable for Chris. The payments we were able to negotiate with Chris’s creditors, resulted in repayments of $800 per month.

We were able to demonstrate Chris’s hardship and have his creditors see that as well and so accept the Informal Agreement Proposal. We were also able to negotiate with Chris’s creditors to have all interest and fees frozen on his accounts.

Because Informal Agreements require creditors to agree to your offer, it is wise to have Beyond Debt on your side.

Total Debt

Total Amount Paid

Paid Over

Monthly Payment

** Informal Agreement

Total Debt


Total Amount Paid


Paid Over

7 years

Monthly Payment


* No Informal Agreement

Total Debt


Total Amount Paid


Paid Over

7 Years

Monthly Payment


19.94% interest rate

* From ASIC's Personal Loan Calculator

**Includes a setup fee of fee of $2,500. Fee may vary


The Informal Agreement process in 5 steps


Call Beyond Debt for a free consultation. We will evaluate your financial situation so that you can decide whether an Informal Agreement is right for you.


You engage Beyond Debt to act on your behalf.


We perform an assessment of your financial position and determine a more accurate repayment amount and one which is more affordable for you.


An Informal Agreement proposal is put together and forwarded to your creditors.


An agreement is negotiated, and agreed to by your creditors.


Who can do an Informal Agreement?

  • Anybody experiencing verifiable financial hardship.
  • This can be due to a decrease in income and/or an increase in expenses.
  • It means you have to cut back significantly on living expenses to make your normal debt repayments and usually this just isn’t possible without considerable hardship.

Common reasons for the hardship are:

  • Poor budgeting skills along with overuse of credit.
  • A death in the family.
  • Loss of a job and the new job does not pay as much.
  • Poor budgeting skills along with overuse of credit.
  • The closure of a business.
  • Illness or injury, of yourself or within the family.
  • Your living arrangements have been impacted by divorce or separation.
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Get started on your path to debt freedom

Get in touch for a free consultation. We are fully aware of just how much courage it takes to ask for help. We listen, we understand, we care, and we do not judge.

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A Couple Things People Ask

Once creditors have approved my Informal Agreement, can they cancel the plan whenever they feel like it?

Whilst an Informal Agreement is not a legally binding agreement, once your creditors have agreed to it, it is highly unlikely they would cancel it. The best way to ensure this never happens, is to make your repayments on time.

How long will the plan last?

The term of each plan is tailor-made for your circumstances, depending on what your creditors agree to and what you can afford.

Will my creditors call me?

Once Beyond Debt have been appointed, we will advise your creditors that they are now dealing with Beyond Debt only, meaning you can answer your phone without the fear of creditors calling.

What types of debts can be included?

There is no set rules for what can and can't be included in an informal agreement. Generally secured debts can not be included but give us a call to see what we can do


Does an Informal Agreement stop legal action?

An Informal Agreement will usually stop any further legal action in relation to the debts involved.