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We aim to help you get your financial situation back in control so you can begin living your life beyond debt.
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Additional FAQ

Can I obtain finance while I’m with Beyond Debt?

Obtaining further finance will undermine yours and our goal of you becoming debt free. There are lenders who will lend to you while you’re with Beyond Debt. We discourage you strongly from using them due to their high interest rates. It is possible to live debt free.

Can you still help me if I have bad credit?

Yes. Bad credit does not affect what we can do.

Can I enquire on behalf of someone else?

We can give you information and suggest a solution but you can’t apply on behalf of someone else unless you have power of attorney. In situation where one spouse is more easily contactable (e.g. the other is miner or truck driver) we can have that spouse authorised as a second party contact however we need to talk to the original applicant.

Can I really become Debt Free?

Yes. It might not seem possible but EVERY year over a thousand people Beyond Debt work with become debt free (this does not affect your mortgage and car loans). You can do it too. Imagine what you could do if you were debt free!

How can Beyond Debt help me?

We have helped thousands of people on their way to being debt free. We do this through a variety of debt solutions that general involve a payment arrangement with your creditors. For people with severe debt problems we can manage the bankruptcy process for them. Many people just require the insight of an impartial outsider to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel and don’t need any of our products and in other instances we can refer you to a product specialist.


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