Ready to look beyond debt?

You have options when it comes to eliminating debt


Imagine what you could do if you were debt free?

When your debt is keeping you up at night, you can’t make minimum repayments on your loans and you are starting to receive calls from debt collectors, we can help. You might think the only way out is to take out a debt consolidation loan. Which sees you continuing to make repayments that are stretching you to the limits.

But you may have other options available. We can take care of the hard work in negotiating with your creditors to ensure you have a loan-free solution for your debt.

We offer a range of debt solutions tailored to your needs:

Take the first step to free yourself from debt

With a decade and a half of experience in the industry we’ll help you on the path to a debt free future, in just 3 steps.


How could Beyond Debt help?

Ready to Become Debt Free?
Stop Interest Rate Colour

Stop interest and fees

Your interest and fees will be stopped. This means you can start repaying your debt, not just interest and fees.

Stop debt collector calls Colour

Stop debt collector calls

No more worrying each time your phone rings. Your creditors will have to call us, instead of you.

Become debt free in 5 years

Become debt free in 5 years

Most Debt Agreements are between 3 and 5 years, so you’ll know EXACTLY when you’ll be debt free.

Reduce the amount you owe

Reduce the amount you owe

Debt help allows you to only repay a percentage of what you owe, based on what YOU can afford.

Single Payment Colour

Make one regular affordable payment

Your payment plan is based on what YOU can afford. Making sure you can still live and enjoy your life, whilst becoming debt free.

Have us do all the negotiations

Have us do all of the negotiations

We manage all communications and negotiations with your creditors, meaning you have more time and peace of mind, to do the things you’ve been putting off.


Am I eligible for Debt Help assistance?

If you feel overwhelmed with your level of debt, rest assured you do have options. We will work through your budget and individual circumstances and if appropriate, we can refer you to a financial counsellor.

Or we will present options that are available to you such as a hardship management plan, a debt agreement, personal insolvency agreement, or in some cases, bankruptcy. Generally speaking, one of these options are available to you if:

  • Have at least $8,000 in unsecured debt, and,
  • Are not able to pay your bills when they are due.

The Debt Agreement process in just 5 steps

We’ll even do 3 of them for you.


We’ll conduct a preliminary assessment


You’ll engage us to act on your behalf


We’ll take care of all necessary checks, negotiate with creditors and take the stress out of the paperwork.


A Debt Agreement is sent to your creditors to accept or reject.


You’ll make one regular payment

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Start living again without the stress of debt

Get in touch for a consultation. We are aware of just how much courage it takes to ask for help. We listen, we understand, we care and we do not judge.


A Couple Things People Ask

How much will it cost me?

Fees change depending on the product and the level of debt. We guarantee you will pay less, including all fees and charges with Beyond Debt than you will if you continue paying under your current situation. 

Have a chat with one of our Debt Consultants and they will calculate what your total payments could be, including all fees and charges so you are aware of the costs before making any commitment.

Can you help if I have bad credit?

Yes. Bad credit does not affect what we can do.

How do I know I can trust Beyond Debt?

We are part of DCS Group, one of Australia’s oldest and largest Debt Agreement Administrators. Their work has been featured on Sixty Minutes, The Today Show and ABC Radio National. 

Every year they help over 1000 people become debt-free. DCS Group is audited annually by AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority) to ensure that they are administering agreements in line with legislation (N.B: This is not an explicit endorsement by AFSA of DCS Group).

Can I enquire on behalf of someone else?

We can give you information and suggest a solution but you can’t apply on behalf of someone else unless you have an ‘enduring power of attorney’. In a situation where one spouse is more easily contactable (e.g. the other is a miner or truck driver), we can have that spouse authorised as a contact point. However, we will need to talk to the applicant throughout the process.