About Us

Beyond Debt is an Australian debt solution provider that has helped over 12,000 people clear more than $130 million in debt nationwide. Our team works closely with our clients, supporting them every step of the way towards their goal of financial freedom.

Our story began over 10 years ago when we identified the need for a service that would help Australians struggling with debt to navigate the available solutions and provide ongoing support to ensure success. As a result of ethics and dedication to this cause Beyond Debt has grown to be one of Australia’s largest debt agreement administrators.

We’ve been helping individuals struggling with debt for over decade, and are committed to creating a debt-free Australia. We do this by specialising in assisting people who are insolvent. That is, they can’t pay their bills as and when they fall due.
Our range of debt solutions assists those struggling with $8,000 to $8 million in debt.

We have thousands of debt-free satisfied customers every year; people who have permanently changed their relationship with money. We survey our completed clients and are delighted to hear how our services:

  • Reduce stress
  • Save relationships
  • Improve standard of living
  • Make lifelong goals attainable
  • Spark inspiration to save and invest
  • Provide the means to travel

Fixing debt troubles can change lives for better, but don’t take our word for it.  Read our client reviews that are collected and audited by an independent company, to ensure the feedback we receive is genuine and without bias.