Debt Solutions

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There are a huge variety of Debt Solutions available.  This section provides a wealth of information on the main options available.  Alternately, if you would like to discuss your specific situation with a Debt Consultant, feel free to contact us regarding:

Debt Consolidation

For those in good financial standing, the option of consolidating all debts under a single personal loan or mortgage may be available. Often, consolidation loans have a longer time frame, and a lower interest-rate, than credit cards or payday loans. This removes the stress of dealing with high interest, short-term repayments. Consolidation loans are available as either an unsecured personal loan or a mortgage.

Debt Agreements

A Debt Agreement is an ideal solution to debt for anyone who lacks the capacity to meet their financial commitments but does not want to consider bankruptcy.
A Debt Agreement is similar to a consolidation loan.  All of your debts are included in the one contract. Like a consolidation loan, this means one regular repayment instead of several. Unlike a consolidation loan, any interest on the debt is frozen, you only repay what you can afford to, and the remainder is legally written off.

Personal Insolvency Agreements

Some individuals may not be eligible for either a consolidation loan or a debt agreement. We also offer another form of consolidation, called Personal Insolvency Agreements, to cater to these individuals. Personal Insolvency agreements are similar to both consolidation loans and debt agreements, but generally, involve more than $90,000.00 in unsecured debt.


Depending on your specific situation, bankruptcy may be the debt solution for you. Bankruptcy wipes away all of your unsecured debt in one fell swoop. It is essentially a financial fresh start. Be aware that the rules and regulations around bankruptcy are complex, and it is not a decision that should be entered into lightly. Bankruptcy, however, is not a punishment; it’s a legal solution for those who are unable to repay their debts.