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Obtaining further finance will undermine yours and our goal of you becoming debt free. There are lenders who will lend to you while you’re with Beyond Debt. We discourage you strongly from using them due to their high interest rates. It is possible to live debt free.

If you won’t be able to make the payment call Client Support and they can suspend your payment and make arrangements to make it up. It’s important you call 24hrs beforehand to avoid dishonour fees.

Beyond Debt only allows payment by direct debit.

Fees change depending on the product and the level of debt. We guarantee you will pay less, including all fees and charges with Beyond Debt than you will under your current situation. It’s free to have a chat with our Debt Consultants and they will calculate what your total payments will be including all fees and charges.

Beyond Debt is available via Phone, Web Chat, or Online Application form.

Yes. Bad credit does not affect what we can do.

Yes we will check your credit history. Don’t worry bad credit doesn’t affect what we can do. It’s part of establishing your financial situation. Many clients think their credit history will be great but the reality is if you’re behind on your debts this is unlikely. Getting your credit history will help provide realistic information on what your options are.

From $8,000 to $80 million. We can help.

If you haven’t been bankrupt in the last 10 years, have a regular income and can afford to make a regular repayment on your debts (less than your current repayment) we can help.

Acquiring a home loan takes a couple of things; clean credit, a deposit (5% of purchase price minimum), stamp duty, conveyancing, loan application fees. To buy a home worth $500,000 in NSW you would need a minimum of $46,000 in savings. To pay off your debt and accumulate this amount of savings will take time. Beyond Debt can ensure you repay your debt in the shortest time possible and accumulate savings as quickly as possible. In short we can get you into a home faster.

As long as you continue to make payments on your mortgage it is not affected. We will take your mortgage/rates/insurance payments into account in determining what you can afford to repay your other creditors and this will make it easier to afford your mortgage.

Of course you can and many do now they are better managing their money. All our products however are interest free so frequently it is not advisable to pay them out sooner. According to your situation, accumulating savings for a house or making extra super payments may be the better option call us to discuss it.

We can give you information and suggest a solution but you can’t apply on behalf of someone else unless you have power of attorney. In situation where one spouse is more easily contactable (e.g. the other is miner or truck driver) we can have that spouse authorised as a second party contact however we need to talk to the original applicant.

Beyond Debt has a strict privacy policy. We won’t tell your spouse, unless you want us to. We do however encourage you to tell your spouse. Spouses are an enormous support during difficult times and in our experience now you are taking control of your finances they will be eager to support you.

For us to assist you we have to deal with ALL your unsecured debts. We can’t leave you with a credit card but with your debts under control you will be able to accumulate savings. For many of our clients this is the first time in their lives they’ve lived debt free.

Yes. It might not seem possible but EVERY year over a thousand people Beyond Debt work with become debt free (this does not affect your mortgage and car loans). You can do it too. Imagine what you could do if you were debt free!

In order to present you with accurate information we need the correct information about you’re situation from you. Many of our clients want to make their situation appear better than it is. We don’t care if you’re behind, have court judgements or bad credit, or have 20 credit cards. It doesn’t affect what we can do. It order for us to do our best for you we need you to tell us about everything.

If you’re struggling with debt, if you’re finding it difficult to make payments or you have already missed payments, if you are being contacted by debt collectors we can help. We have a team of friendly Debt Consultants who are ready to take the time to explore your financial situation get to the bottom of it and fix it once and for all.

Beyond Debt is part of DCS Group, one of Australia’s oldest and largest Debt Agreement Administrators. Their work has been featured on Sixty Minutes, The Today Show and ABC Radio National. Every year they help over 1000 people become debt free. DCS Group is audited annually by AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority) to ensure that they are administering agreements in line with legislation (N.B: This is not an explicit endorsement by AFSA of DCS Group).

We have helped thousands of people on their way to being debt free. We do this through a variety of debt solutions that general involve a payment arrangement with your creditors. For people with severe debt problems we can manage the bankruptcy process for them. Many people just require the insight of an impartial outsider to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel and don’t need any of our products and in other instances we can refer you to a product specialist.