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Spend Now Pay Later

Has anyone noticed how much of a ‘spend now, pay later’ culture our society has become? Everything in our current society pushes us to spend. Glamorous advertisements, enticing sales, special promotions, and even reward credit cards. How can we say no to that ‘to-die-for’ pair of shoes that is now 20% off or that new …

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Financial Freedom Journey 2

Week one of recording my expenses is finishing today. It hasn’t been that bad really although day 2 I lost my money diary.  Thankfully I used the picture I posted here last week to get it back up and running. I’m now using a rubber band to attach the diary to my wallet.  The hardest …

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Boring Bankruptcy Update

New figures released to day by ITSA (Insolvency & Trustee Service Australia) showed that there were 6,568 new bankrupts in the March 2010 quarter, a decrease of 8.29% against bankruptcy activity in the March 2009 quarter (7,162) and a decrease of 2.98% on bankruptcy activity in the December 2009 quarter (6,770).

3 Ways To Improve Your Finances

There’s a lot of info on the web about how to get out of debt; some if it good, most of it terrible.  In my previous job, if it wasn’t published in a peer reviewed journel, it didn’t count.  So I desided to start seeing if anyone had done any serious research on how to …

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