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1. Sell Your Stuff

If you have some unwanted things lying around the house the best time to sell things is November/December. Gumtree or Facebook Market Place are your best bet these days.Researchers estimate that the average Australian houses have $5400 worth of unwanted items they could sell online. Read More...


2. Side Hustle

Christmas is also the best time for a side hustle.

  • People need their houses cleaned before family comes over
  • Uber Drivers to take them home from Christmas parties
  • Dogs need sitting and walking
  • Houses need sitting
  • People even outsource their shopping through AirTasker.


3. Present Cancelling

We have this in my family. I’ve spoken to family members and said “How about you don’t buy me a present and I won’t buy you one?”. “Awesome”. It’s a great way to reduce the number of presents you have to buy. Alternatively, you could just agree to a $10 limit.


4. Holiday Budget

Set up a holiday budget and stick to it. Just set some reasonable limits on your expenditure as it’s easy to get swept up trying to have a magical Christmas when it doesn’t matter. I look back with great memories from childhood Christmas’ drinking red cordial with plastic table cloths.


5. Secret Santa

This is similar to Present Cancelling. Reduces the number of presents you have to buy to one. Everyone still has all the fun of opening a present but without the expense. You can get a list of suggestions together as well so you don’t risk buying something someone doesn’t want.

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