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It's fun to go all-out on decorations for Christmas, but festive decorations aren't always cheap. But this doesn't mean you have to skip the decor this year, there are lots of ways to decorate your home in the Christmas spirit without breaking the bank!

christmas decorations reuse

1. Reuse

Dust off last year's decorations and use them again! You might need a bit of glue here and there, but you can make old ornaments last a few years at least! Items like tinsel and lights can be a little more fragile, so be sure to store them thoughtfully to ensure they are in the condition to use over and over.

2. DIY

Homemade decorations are much more special than the store bought variety. Get personalising this year and make your own bunting and tree decorations! This can be a great activity to do with little ones.

christmas decorations diy

3. Go natural

Decorate with nature! Get creative and see what you can make out of bits and pieces from around your yard and neighbourhood. With a bit of gold paint, you can transform almost anything into a nice piece of Christmas decor. You could use a potted plant as your Christmas tree this year, and skip the plastic purchase!

4. Solar lights

If you want to add some Christmas cheer in the form of lights this year, try some of the solar powered variety. They will last longer, save you on electricity costs, and if you choose some plain ones, you can use them all year around!

christmas decorations solar lights

5. Use food

A popular way to decorate on a budget is to create edible decorations. DIY-ers recommend stringing popcorn to hang, and using candy canes and cookies to decorate the tree. Nobody will have decorations like yours!

6. Buy secondhand

If you are attached to the idea of traditional decorations this holiday season, check your local secondhand stores, Gumtree, and eBay before you go out to buy something new. Lots of people will sell or donate Christmas decorations they no longer want, and often they will be in very good condition, or even brand new!



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