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Christmas is almost upon us and with that comes the urge to spend a small fortune to show people that we love them.

Christmas does not need to be expensive, you can have a lot of fun and receive lot of presents without spending a lot of money.

Below is our list of gifts around the $50 range, and some ideas for homemade gifts that will help you to have a magical and memorable Christmas, without loading up the credit card.


Gift Ideas:

Handsome man cooking in the kitchen at home

Kitchen Tools:

There are several kitchen doohickeys I can’t live without - a speed-peeler, an awesome potato masher, silicon spatulas.



Shot of a modern apartment


Default gift for the ladies in your life when you have no idea what to get them. Scented candles are also a great gift for the single men in your lives.


Fountain pen in perspective over white


Nice Pen:

a nice fountain pen is one of those little things that make everyday life much nicer. Take a look at this one.


Woman resting and lying on the bed - focus on feet

Nice Socks:

Nice socks, also one of life’s little luxuries, is a nice way to make someone’s life much nicer without costing a lot of money. Look for merino or bamboo material. Take a look at these pairs...


Leather Waller with Credit Cards on it


A wallet is one of those essentials that often gets neglected. Torn corners, broken zips, lots of expired loyalty cards. There are new ultra slim wallet designs these days as well.


Woman holding cup of coffee on table in cafeteria

Nice Coffee:

Some very nice coffee in a plunger is still a great gift for the coffee connoisseur. You could also look at an Aero press or pour over coffee maker. Take a look at this one.


Father holding biscuits tray in the kitchen

A Jar of Homemade Biscuits:

One of my favourite gifts I’ve received is a large jar of homemade choc-chip biscuits. Go to a $2 Shop and buy a large Jar and some ribbon. There are many recipes available online. Try this recipe.


Senior woman reading book at home by fireplaceA Book:

Grab some new best seller or a Penguin classic. A book is still one of the best books of all time. You can also buy whole Graphic Novel series from Amazon which is great for the child who you want to inspire to read.


Father and daughter playing chess in the living room at homeBoard Game:

From the Chess and Scrabble at one end to Hungry Hippos and Snakes and Ladders at the other.A board game is hours of screen-free fun.


Woman lying on a sofa while holding a magazine in a living roomMagazine Subscription:

Every time I go the airport I remember how much I love a good magazine. The Economist or Smith Journal. A magazine rocking up everyone month would be a brilliant gift.


canva-image-2An Electric Toothbrush:

Electric toothbrushes are much better than manual. Research shows that after 3 months plaque was reduced by 21%.The Oral B style rotating and vibrating ones work better than just vibrating. Take a look at this one.

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