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The school holidays are fast approaching, and we all know what that means - the kids are at home for days on end and desperately need entertaining! If your budget is a little tight at this time of year, read on for our best tips for fun and cheap school holiday activities!

kids children holidays home

Fun at home

Sticking to a budget will often mean staying at home, but that doesn't mean you have to sit around day after day!

1. Dress Ups

Do you have tubs and boxes of old clothes hidden in the back of your cupboard or shed? Let your kids rummage through them to see what treasures they can find! Encourage them to put on a play, or conduct a fashion show for the family.

2. A Fort Competition

If you have more than one little one at home, take pillow fort building to the next level with a competition between the kids. It's a good idea to have awards for different 'categories', to ensure nobody is left out. Some categories could be 'best decorated fort', 'most structurally sound cubby', and 'most comfortable pillow house'. this could also be played with friends!

kids children library books

Fun out and about

Going out on the school holidays doesn't have to cost a fortune!

1. Shopping Centre Activities

Shopping Centres will often host free activities for kids over the holidays. Check your local centre's social media pages or website for details.

2. Libraries

In the digital age, Libraries are often overlooked, and lots of children probably haven't been to one outside their school! Libraries sometimes host readings and activities for kids during the school holidays. Attend an event, or let your kids look through the isles for books, games, movies or magazines to borrow.

kids rain activities rainy wet day

Fun on rainy days

Wet days can be a parent's nightmare, especially over the school holidays! But we have a few activities that you can save for a rainy day - literally!

1. Make a Veggie Patch or Garden

You can recycle old bottles and containers to make a small indoor garden. Encourage your kids to paint and decorate the containers before the planting begins. As you have to wait for the pots to dry, this could become a full day activity! When all the planting is done, you can take them outside for a good watering.

2. Hold a Movie Day

To make an 'indoor movie day' more fun for your little ones, go big! Make popcorn, set up pillows and beanbags in the living room, and take breaks to bake and decorate cookies and biscuits. You could even make homemade pizzas for dinner! If your kids are getting a little antsy between movies, you could set them movie-related tasks such as drawing the family as characters from the movie, or writing and acting out a sequel.

kids children friends holidays

Fun with Friends

It's always fun for your kids to have their friends over for the day or overnight. But what to do with even more kids!?

1. Pack a Picnic

Put together a basket of snacks, cold drinks, and outdoor games for a fun afternoon outdoors. Consider driving to a new destination to make the day feel like more of an adventure!

2. Have a 'Camp Out'

Set up a tent in the backyard (or throw some sleeping bags into the garage) and host a camp! You can play movies, set up a campfire (real or fake!) and snack on marshmallows and sausages in bread. A great tip for this one is to hold some high energy activities during the day to tire the kids out come bed time.


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