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The cheapest way to do Christmas on a budget is to take matters into your own hands and do some DIY. We have collected five interesting DIY projects you can complete this holiday season to decorate, and give gifts within your budget.

christmas diy decorations

1. Bauble Wreath

If you don't spend big bucks on Christmas Wreaths, they can look a little... Lackluster. The budget friendly wreaths are usually quite sparse. So why not make your own? Pick up a wreath from a DIY or craft store (or just get a cheap wreath to use as a base), and hot glue baubles on to it. Use a variety of sizes for a nice, full look. You could stick to one colour pallet, make it rainbow, add bows and holly, or make it out of painted pinecones. The possibilities are endless!

SuzyHomemakerUK christmas diy bauble

Image from Suzy Homemaker UK

2. Christmas Signs

Christmas signs and prints are a great way to make your home a little more merry this Christmas. You can make your own quite easily, with only a few items. All you will need is a printer, some fabric, paper, and an empty frame. Simply print out a Christmas design, or slogan, cut it out, place the paper in the frame with the fabric behind it, and voila! You can even reuse the frame for other purposes during the year.

diy christmas sign

Image from Crafts & Courtney

3. Christmas cards

There are a million and one ways to make your own Christmas cards, but we'll just tell you about one. All you will need is some think cardboard and Washi tape, which you can buy online or from a craft store. Create simple designs with the tape on the front of your cards by cutting or ripping the tape into strips. It's that simple! And you can make whatever design you'd like.

christmas diy card

Image from Tokyo Otaku Mode

4. Hot Chocolate Packs

The perfect gift for neighbours, teachers, and people you just aren't sure what to buy for is the humble hot chocolate pack. To put together this easy gift, simply purchase a mug, hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, and maybe a candy cane, and arrange them nicely in the cup. Add some cellophane and ribbon, and you have a beautiful, edible gift!

christmas gift mug diy hot chocolate

Image from Baby Shopaholic

5. Ladder Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree can be an expensive purchase form something you only take out once a year, so why not get crafty and make your own. One way to utilise what you already own is to make a tree out of a ladder. You ca add tinsel, lights, and any kind of decorations you want to create a unique tree like no other!

diy christmas tree ladder

Image from Paisley & Jade

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