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Sometimes it can be nice to get away for Christmas, away from the busyness of the beach, packed shopping centres, and tiring parties. But how do you find a Christmas getaway that won't break the bank? We have some of the best tips for you!

christmas holiday budget

Book for Next Year

If you book a holiday a long time in advance, you are likely to find some particularly cheap deals. This is often the case if you are looking to go overseas for Christmas. Do some research online, or head in to see a travel agent to get the ball rolling.

Book for Next Week

If you've well and truly missed the boat for booking in advance, try booking last minute! Oftentimes, package deals will cut their prices a week or two out from Christmas if they haven't sold out, and this is the perfect time to pounce on a bargain of a Christmas holiday. Be warned, however, as with all last minute holidays, you are taking a risk, and there might not be any spaces left!

book christmas holiday

Stay Local

Browse AirBnB and hotel or package deals in your local area, or somewhere that is only a short drive away. Often, the places closest to us are the last ones we think to explore, so this can be a great opportunity to grow more familiar with your local area. You could even turn this into a mini Christmas road trip. You might just find your new favourite holiday destination!

Leave Christmas Behind

Another way to save money when travelling at Christmas time is to visit somewhere that doesn't celebrate Christmas at all, and is not subject to Christmas-time mark ups. Do some research for this to find somewhere that suits you, but here are some ideas:

christmas holiday holidaysMorocco

Because most of the population of Morocco is Muslim, there is not much in the way of Christmas celebrations. It is recommended to stay to the north of Morocco when travelling, and it is best to book a fully guided tour to get the most out of your trip.


Like Morocco, the majority of Turkey's population is Muslim, so Christmas goes relatively under the radar. Spend your December 25th strolling around the streets of Istanbul, or have a private Christmas at your accommodation.

christmas maldives

The Maldives

Visiting the Maldives at Christmas will mean you can enjoy the beach and the sunshine without the Chrissy crowds or stuffed shopping centres. It's pretty easy on the eyes, too!

Happy Holidaying!


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