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Wasted money going down the drain

Following up from last week’s 10 Top Money Wasters, we have a list of 10 more costs to avoid. Subscribe to our blog to keep track of these tips, and let your savings grow in 2018!

Here are 10 More Ways Your Wasting Money:

1. Letting your tires deflate

How often do you pump up your tires at the service station? Quite possibly not often enough. Deflated tires mean your car will use more petrol day to day, so keeping your tires pumped can be a simple way to avoid filling up so often.

2. Sales

Sales are a surefire way to see you spending more than you wanted to on things you don’t need. We recommend unsubscribing from any email lists you may have signed up for. Sales can be a great way to save money when you need a specific item, but can easily cause you to spend hundreds on a haul you don't even need. Our tip? Shop mindfully! Man effort to not get carried away in a sale.

Wasting money on sales

3. Buying new

Op shops, eBay, and Gumtree are great ways to find bargains on used clothing and household items. Take some time to look around for gently used items before forking out for something brand new. Your savings account will thank you.

4. Skimping on Health

Skipping out on healthy habits can cost you in the long run. If you aren’t taking care of your teeth, you might end up footing a hefty dentist bill. Drinking alcohol excessively, or having bad eating habits can also lead to costly health problems down the track. Look after yourself to keep your costs to a minimum.

wasting money on health

5. Succumbing to Advertising

Advertisers are experts in making you think you need their product or service. We will often mindlessly buy something that we are promised will make our lives better or easier. We recommend taking some time to think about purchases before making them. Decide whether the purchase is right for you, and if you truly want or need it.

6. Pre-Packaged Food

While buying pre-cut fruit and vegetables can save us a little bit of time, they come with a hefty price tag. Carve out some time each evening to chop up fruits and vegetables for meals and snacks the following day. It won’t take you long, and you will be saving money.

wasting money on food

7. Letting Food Expire

We often will buy in bulk because it is cheaper per unit, however, Australians throw away tonnes and tonnes of food every year. Try to buy food you know you can eat before it expires, in quantities that suit your household.

8. Driving When You Don’t Have To

Transportation costs can make up a large portion of our monthly costs. Cars can be very expensive to run, so we recommend leaving them in the garage when you can. Walking or taking a bike where possible is better for your body, the environment, and your wallet. Alternatively, consider using public transport if it's available in your area. Getting into and around a city can be easier, cheaper, and often faster on public transportation.

wasting money on travel

9. Late Fees

Late fees can add up very quickly, and often they will be incurred because we simply forgot about a bill. We recommend setting up automatic transfers for all of your bills to avoid any fees. Alternatively, pay your bills as soon as you receive them. This way they will be taken care of immediately.

10. Bottled Water

Buying bottled water from cafes or supermarkets is both expensive and bad for the environment. Invest in a BPA free water bottle to bring with you day to day for free refills. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, try adding lemon or other fruit to taste, or buy a water bottle with a filtering system.

wasting money on bottled water


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Ready to become debt free?

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