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Australians spent a whopping $130 million on New Year's Eve last year, and experts say we are set to spend even more this year. Between dining, drinks, entertainment, transport, and other ad hoc costs, New Year's is one of our most expensive holidays. But you can have just as much fun on a budget!

nye fireworksStake out the fireworks

Lots of places will charge big bucks for top notch firework views, but you are guaranteed to be able to see them from almost anywhere! Do some research on the best places to view fireworks in your town, pack a picnic, and head there early.

Get out of the city

If you living in the city or a metropolitan area, it could be the perfect time to head elsewhere. Prices in the city are marked up exponentially on New Year's Eve, so heading to a quieter town is sure to be kinder on your wallet.

friends house party nyeInvite your friends around

If you don't want to spend excessively on a venue or restaurant this NYE, be proactive and invite your friends and family over to bring in 2019. This way, you will have control over the menu, the number of guests, and available drinks.

Go camping

Many Aussies will take to the beach or bush for New Year's Eve and camp out overnight, or for a few days. If you've had a big year and you're looking to spend New Year's relaxing somewhere loss fuss and relaxing, this might be the perfect way to farewell 2018!

sleep celebrate new yearCelebrate at 9pm

Most firework displays will feature the childrens' "New Year" at eight or nine o'clock, before the big display at midnight. To cut costs, consider calling it night at 9pm instead of partying through to to early hours. You'll still be able to have fun with friends and family, but you won't spend as much on food, drinks, or entertainment.

Ditch the party

This one's not for everyone, but some of us have been to enough NYE blow outs to last a lifetime. A good old night in with a movie and cheese platter might appeal to you more than a loud party. And you'll wake up to 2019 feeling fresh and ready to start making headway on those New Year's goals!

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