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Sustainability and being more environmentally conscious is becoming a highly talked about topic, and people are starting to think about the environmental impact their purchases have. But have you considered the advantage being eco-friendly might have on your savings account? We have collated a list of purchases that will save you money and save the planet.

coffee cup reusable keep cup

1. Reusable coffee cup

Of course this list would have to start with a reusable coffee cup. By bringing your own coffee cup to your local cafe each day, you are saving potentially hundreds (depending on your consumption) of coffee cups and lids from going into landfill each year. Due to the plastic coating, most coffee cups are not compostable, and will last up to 20 years in landfill. Most cafes will offer you a discount for bringing your own cup, so your purchase will soon have paid for itself!

water bottle bottles

2. Water bottle

This one might seem obvious, but you can save a huge amount by bringing your own water bottle out and about with you each day. A bottle of water may seem cheap as a one off purchase, but they will quickly add up. It has been estimated that an Australian will save over $500 a year by using a reusable water bottle. Water bottles are available everywhere in all shapes, sizes, and price points, so you will be able to find your perfect match!

clothes line airer dryer

3. Clothes line

Using a clothes line or airer to dry your clothes naturally will save your from having to use a dryer. This will not only save you the cost of purchasing a dryer (compare $15 for a clothes airer to hundreds for a dryer), but will also save on your electricity bill. There is also evidence that suggests using a dryer damages clothing and may make pieces fall apart sooner.

water tap aerator

4. Tap aerator

A tap aerator is a fitting that you can screw on to already-installed taps (you can also buy similar shower head attachments) that will limit the flow of water without affecting the pressure. You can pick these up at Bunnings for under $20 each, and they could end up saving you a lot on your water bill each quarter.

reusable picnic plates cups

5. Picnic plates

It's easy to pick up a stack of paper or single use plastic picnic crockery each time you decide to dine alfresco, but by using these, you're essentially throwing money away! Pick up some bamboo or sturdier plastic plates and cups to take on your next picnic in the park. If they are dishwasher safe, you won't even need to worry about the washing up!

compost bin food scraps

6. Compost bin

Composting is an excellent way to dispose of food waste instead of throwing it in the garbage bin. Some foods actually begin emitting toxic gases when wrapped in plastic. Instead, they could be fertilising your garden! Compost actually keeps a garden more moist, meaning you will not have to water as frequently, and you have an easy way to get rid of (sometimes smelly) scraps.

bike bicycle petrol

7. Bicycle

Buying a bike is an excellent way to get exercise without joining a gym, save money on fuel, and reduce your carbon footprint! If you are able, riding a bike to school, work, or to do errands is a great swap to make that will save you money, and make you more environmentally conscious!


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