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Apps are one of the best and easiest ways for most people to keep track of finances and stick to a budget. There are hundreds and thousands of budget apps available, so to make it easier, we have gathered a list of the top five free ones for you to try out in 2019.



Mint has been around for a long time, and is still commonly accepted as the best budgeting app. Mint will categorise your purchases and track every transaction you make. This allows you to see where exactly you are spending your money without having to manually trawls through tour statements. You can set alerts for yourself to help stay on budget, and gain insight into where your money is being spent every week.


Wally Next

Wally was designed to make budgeting simple without the use of complex spreadsheets or programs. This app gives you a complete view of how much comes in, how much comes out, and how much you have saved each month. Wally Next is best for budgeting, as it will give you a very clear idea of how much you can spend before going over your monthly limit.



Pocketbook is an Australian app, meaning it can been specifically crafted for the Aussie dollar. This makes some difference to the ease of use when comparing to American or European apps. Pocketbook connects to your bank account, and will track and categorise transactions automatically. It allows you to set a fortnightly budget and gives you a clear indication of where you are up to on any given day. It also provides a breakdown of where you have spent money that fortnight.



The ASIC Money Smart app TrackMySpend allows you to simply track all expenditures, and stay on budget. The app has a ‘favourites’ feature that will save regular transactions for ease of use. It also has the capability to allow you to label expenses as either ‘needs’ or ‘wants’. The app also has a tool you can use to download all your data into a spreadsheet for more detailed information.


Good Budget

This app is modelled off the somewhat old-fashioned envelope budget, where you add cash to various envelopes for different savings goals. Good budget is essentially a virtual version of this, allowing you to set goals for how much you wish to spend on each of your chosen categories. Good Budget also helps you monitor and analyse your spending patterns, giving you a better understanding of where your money is going and where to focus on saving.

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