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This month we are talking about apps! We have provided you with lists of the best free apps for budgeting, three more serious finance apps, and apps to track investments. Today we are bringing you the best expense-tracking apps to use on their own, or in conjunction with one of your other budget apps.

penny expense app


If you don’t like spreadsheets, or are sick of looking at graphs and tables to track your finances, Penny might be the app for you. Penny is built on artificial intelligence that learns about you and your spending habits by requesting information. When you open the app, ‘Penny’ will appear to ask you a series of questions about your expenses and money habits. You can also link the app to your accounts where it will track your expenses automatically. Penny provides an easy and friendly way to manage your finances.


Money Lover

Money Lover is an excellent expense tracking app that allows you to set up multiple ‘wallets’ to track transactions and expenses. It is simple to use and provides intuitive reports on your expenses which you can use to look back at any time. You can also set up reminders for bills so that you never have to pay a late fee again. Another extremely useful feature of Money Lover is that it gives the capability to track expenses in multiple different currencies in individual ‘wallets’. A great function for those who travel a lot or split their time between countries.

expense app zoho

Expense Reporting and Approval by Zoho

This Zoho app is a great one for tracking work expenses, and even has functionality to get expenses and reports approved by a manager. The app allows you to keep track of all expenses and categorise them into work-related and other expenses. You can use the app to automate expense tracking, and synch to multiple users. There is a computer program that works alongside the app, so you will have full view of your expenses at all times.

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