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Planning a trip overseas? Have you considered what you will do for money yet? Travel money cards have become increasingly popular for overseas explorers. We have collated the top pros and cons to help you make a decision about travel money cards.

travel money card


Cash can get stolen

When travelling overseas, the last thing you can is for your international cash to be stolen. Using a travel money card means you only have to worry about one card instead of wads of cash.

Multiple currencies

All good travel money cards have the capability to store multiple currencies on them at once. This is great if your trip is taking you to a multiple countries with different currencies.

Backup card

Most travel money cards will come with a backup card that you can activate in the event your primary card is stolen. Just remember to keep your backup card in a different bag!

Your savings are safe

When you use your travel money card you will be spending from a different account to your everyday account. This means that you can keep your spending under control, and in the event your card is stolen, you don’t have to worry about the thieves accessing your savings account.

travel credit card money


Locking exchange rate

This one could be on the ‘pro’ list as well. The ability to lock in an exchange rate when transferring to the card could save you some cash if the rate goes up, however, if it improves, you miss out on savings.


You will incur some fees when using a travel money card, however just how much you’ll have to spend varies. Some cards will only charge a once-off transfer fee, while others will charge more. Make sure you read all the terms before choosing a card.

Reload delay

Some cards will have a delay of up to three days between transferring and being able to access funds. This could cause some problems if you have any unexpected costs while travelling.

You may need cash

Some places you can travel to may only take cash in smaller stores or markets. Before travelling, be sure to do research around this issue to prevent being found in an unfortunate situation!

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