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Getting debt free, turned a negative, depressing, anxiety riddled situation into a strangely positive experience.  It also taught me about my spending habits and I became more disciplined with my spending.

Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself? 

I'm a 51-year-old mum of three, now adult children. I'm single and work professionally in commercial real estate.

Could you give us the background story before? 

I had been working in a well-paid role but was not enjoying the place. There was a rental boom in my state which resulting in me paying more than half my income in rent for myself and my kids.  I ended up relying on credit cards to make up the difference and was not disciplined with my spending.  A personal loan that seemed serviceable at the time, but it proved to be more of a burden and added more stress. 

I needed to my increase my income, so I took a gamble and left my job and took on a commissioned based sales role. This was a bad idea. The projected income was grossly overestimated during the interview process, and it soon became evident that the money they promised was not there.

I left the roll and was then unemployed for three months with my self-esteem taking a huge nosedive. The credit cards were my only backup. The debt I had reduced got built up again very quickly and the repayments became harder to service.  It was impossible to afford my day-to-day expenses and make my payments on unemployment. 

I ended getting a job for a lovely company in retail however at half the rate of pay I had been earning.  Trying to service the debt saw me in tears. I was getting calls from debt collectors and every time the phone rang, I would jump.  I was barely living and had no social life as I couldn't afford that.  After about 4 months of that I saw an ad on daytime TV for Beyond Debt so gave them a call.  Best thing I ever did, Amanda was lovely and listened to my story without judgement. She listened to me cry and sob and was just very genuine and helpful without trying to sell me anything.

Did you try any other things to clear the debt before working with us? 

Spoke to the credit providers whilst unemployed who suspended my payments until I was employed.

Was there a moment where you decided to get debt free?

When I really felt the light at the tunnel had disappeared and was so anxious and depressed about the situation the ad on TV had me googling reviews and then I made the phone call, it really was a split-second moment.

What was it like working with us?

 Working with Beyond Debt was probably one of the easiest things I've ever have ever done.  I immediately felt relieved and could see a faint light at the end of what was previously a very dark, long tunnel.

What does life look like for you now your debt free? 

It's a massive weight off my shoulders. I can plan and have learned to budget and be more disciplined with my spending.  I feel a lot more in control of my finances not controlled by my finances.

What advice would you give to people with debt?

Make the call! It seems like a long time but having debt continually hanging over your head is much worse than paying it off over a couple of years. The feeling of being debt free is potentially one of the most freeing experiences I've ever had!  I've learned to monitor my spending closely and stick to a firm budget.  Avoid unnecessary debt where possible and if you must get into debt keep it realistic and pay it off as quickly as you can.

Do you have anything else you'd like to add? 

I've not dealt with a company that's been so easy to deal with before.  Every email answered, every phone call responded to quickly and the answers were clear and explained in a way that is simple to understand.  What was a difficult problem was made so easy to resolve.

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