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Last week, we published an article listing the top five free budget apps for 2019. Today we are bringing you two more apps for serious budgeting. These two apps aren’t free, but are worth the investment for people who want more detail and more control over their budget.


My Budget Book

My Budget Book has features that enable you to alter the finest details of your budget to suit your needs. It allows you to set budgets for every category within your budget, whether that be clothes, entertainment, eating out, or groceries and bills. With My Budget Book, you have access to offline support from their team should you require further help with your budget or the app itself.

My Budget Book is completely customisable, giving you more options than the free apps. The app has the capability to download or export your data so you can file it, or use it in another program. My Budget Book allows you to see a breakdown of your transactions each and every day, as well as the choice to view it in a pie chart format. This is one of the most preferred apps for people who own small businesses.


Home Budget

Home Budget is the best pick for a family wanting a budget. The app is also available on PC or laptop, with capabilities to synchronise between multiple phones and computers. This app has the capability to not only provide you with budget support, but also track multiple household bills, and keep an eye on the balance of multiple bank accounts.

Home Budget has a Family Synch feature that allows multiple people in a household or family to all follow the same budget, and share details with one another’s devices. Reports and charts are available through the app, where users can download or view their expenses, transactions, and income in whichever way they prefer.

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