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Unless you have the world’s greatest ad blocker, you’ve seen the promotions for weird ways you can ‘double your income from bed’, or ‘make $500 a day’. Many of us look at these ads with some suspicion. Lots of us scroll past without a thought. It’s probably a scam, right? Well yes, it probably is. But there are ways you can make some extra cash from bed (or maybe a home office).



Use your skillset

Maybe you write articles for a living, or maybe you don’t but you have the skills to be able to. Consider looking for some freelance work on the side of your day job. The great thing about freelancing is that you can do as much or little as you want. Online work isn’t your only option, however. Consider babysitting, or picking up jobs on AirTasker, an app where you can advertise small jobs such as putting together IKEA furniture, lawn mowing, house cleaning, or resume writing.



Little to no risk

The great thing about a side job is that you put little to nothing on the line. You don’t have to endanger your future at your regular job, simply fit your side work into evenings or weekends. You are essentially working for yourself, which means you make the rules. Don’t fall into the trap of buying unnecessary tools or equipment for your side job - work with what you have to avoid unneeded costs.

Your time is worth more alone

With limited (or no) overheads, you may find that your time is worth more working a side job. With no commute, and without the restriction of a 9 to 5, you could be earning a higher hourly wage that you are at your day job. Keep in mind, however, that you will more often than not be earning less overall. You will find that the less hours you work, the higher your rate may be.



You might stumble across your dream job

The possibilities are endless with a side job, and you might find that you love it, and are very skilled at it. This could lead to a career change in the future, and could lead to you making enough cash to work for yourself full time. They always say, if you can’t find your dream job, make it.




Ready to become debt free?

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Ready to become debt free?

Take the first step to a debt free future

Ready to become debt free?

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