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The Covid pandemic has changed the nature of work in Australia. Once stable sectors like tourism and hospitality have been dramatically affected. While other industries like IT and Construction have boomed.

Many people, especially those who were in lock down, are rethinking their jobs. Many of us are rethinking our lives are we happy where we live. Are we happy in the city? Do we want to be closer to family or maybe further away?

Some trends such as the trend toward remote work, and reductions in overseas tourism seem unlikely to change in the medium term. With that in mind here is our list of the fastest growing careers for the post pandemic world.

  1. Work from home facilitator

    With everyone working from home one of the emerging issues has been managing it all. A facilitator will make sure that every employee has the technology they need to do their job. They make sure everything works together. This included digital communication technology and software.
  1. Remote Counsellor

    A growing mental health crisis has been one of the downsides of covid. Many people are having to turn to online counselling as they are in lockdown while others are choosing online counselling as it better suits them due to the privacy and convenience.   This has fueled a growth in demand for counsellors and many of these jobs allow you to work from home.
  1. Nursing

    Many factors have driven the growth in demand for nurses. Australia has historically imported thousands of nurses to fill gaps here and this supply has been turned off due to the closed boarder. Covid in the short term and aged care in the long term have increased the demand for nurses. If you were considering a career in nursing now is great time.
  1. Developer/Software Engineer

    IT was the biggest beneficiary of the Covid Epidemic. This growth combined with Australia not being able import any developers has lead to big spikes in wages and opportunities for less experienced developers. With the new invention of coding bootcamps you could change careers in under 12 months.
  1. Logistics

    Covid has accelerated the trend to online shopping and a corresponding explosion in the need for transportation and warehousing. The need for drivers, forklift drivers, warehouse foremen has increased dramatically and is projected to increase even further.


  1. Data Scientist

    Data is being used increasingly in businesses. It's used to design products, identify customers, and inform business decisions. It's an 8-12 month course post grad to be a Data Scientist.

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