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Earlier in the month we covered micro-investing apps including how they work and whether you should download one. If you have a bit of experience investing and feel comfortable with it, one of the below apps might be more your speed.



Stocklight was created to deliver the user the most important data and information, and analysis. There is an overwhelming amount of opinions, data, and speculation around the stock market available online, and often the reader will get lost in it all. Using Stocklight gives you a comprehensive view of the Australian stock market that you can peruse on your tablet or smartphone, and will also deliver notifications for items like dividends or announcements. Stocklight has functionality to add stocks to your watchlist, track your dividends, find new investment opportunities, track your portfolio, and access tips and opinions from experts in on the topic.


Sharesight Reader

Sharesight is for the trader who already has a portfolio of stocks and is seeking a way to view them all with ease. The app allows you to view the past and present performance of your stocks, and can generate tax reports for you. Sharesight allows you to view the current value, dividends, returns, and currency gains of your entire portfolio with just a few taps. The base version is currently free, and upgrades are available if you wish to view more than ten holdings.


Simply Wall Street

Simply Wall Street was originally just an online platform which is now available in app form. Simply Wall Street is similar to Stocklight in that it provides the user with a list of equities on the market that can be viewed. Every company listed in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom are able to be viewed on the app. Simply Wall Street is best known for its beautifully crafted infographics, which make it easy to see all the information the user needs.

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Ready to become debt free?

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