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  1. Cutting back on the alcohol budget.

Now is not the time to cut down on the wine. That can wait until post lockdown when you don't have to look at the same faces 24hrs a day seven days a week.   What you spend on wine now, you could no doubt save on divorce and counselling fees later on.

  1. Cutting back on coffee

Walking to the local shop for a coffee is probably your only reason to get out of the house, and the people selling you the coffee are thankful for the couple of dollars so don't down on the coffee. Coffee is an essential lockdown survival tool, and anyone who says you need to cut back can rack off.

  1. Cancelling Streaming services

They are pretty cheap and honestly, what else are you going to do with yourself? After spending the day stopping kids from killing each other and repeatedly reminding your older colleagues that they're on mute, you probably deserve 1-2hrs of terrible television to decompress.

  1. Not buying multiple pairs of K-mart Trackpants

Lockdown is ideal for the mullet of the fashion world. Business shirt/blouse up top trackie daks on the bottom. Why not embrace what lockdown has to offer and pick up a couple of pairs of trackies and go hardcore on the comfort. Kmart track pants are worth the $7 investment

  1. Not buying a second or a third device

Kogan has windows laptops for $220, JB Hi-Fi has them for $349. In lockdown trying to have two people working from home and home-schooling three kids with two devices is a nightmare that's sure to end in screaming and yelling and zero productivity. Getting an extra device is possibly the only thing that's worth using AfterPay.

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